Moving delicate items in Bath

In every move, there are delicate items such as precious pieces of furniture, memorabilia or art that we as a removal company need to take extra care of. In particular, in a city like Bath where many of these beautiful Georgian houses are stuffed with antiques and valuable artworks, we have found that there are a number of ways to ensure that the precious cargo is delivered safely and smoothly. 

Moving art in Bath

One of the most delicate and valuable pieces of decoration that are needed to be moved are fine art pieces. There are many collectors in the BANES area and as such we have a fair amount of experience in moving these high-value items. There are many different kinds of art that require different techniques to keep them safe. 

Paintings are particularly delicate pieces of art and can be easily damaged if handled incorrectly. You can not pack paintings with a simple layer of cushioning, they need to be crated and well wrapped. 

Sculptures are the other most common piece of art that needs to be moved and can present even more problems than paintings. There is a wide variety of different kinds and styles of sculpture, and some can come in very strange shapes and weights that make transportation a nightmare. Statues are also built with aesthetics and look in mind, with structural integrity very much an afterthought, so they can be very brittle and prone to breakages. 

Moving art in Bath

China and cooking ware

If you have hired our man with a van service you may well need some advice on how to pack and move your delicate pieces of kitchenware, specifically plates and china. If you decide to just hire one of our vans and you want to pack the china yourself, here are some key tips to keep in mind: 

  • Wrap any bowls, cups or plates with paper or tissue paper first. With bowls place wads of crumpled paper inside them to increase the cushioning. This provides a good cheap layer of protection to the crockery. 
  • Wrap the items in bubble wrap by placing the wrap and the plate flat on a table and then cover each corner of the plate. Ensure that they are well covered and tapped. 
  • Place each item carefully into a cardboard box that has additional protection. If you have bowls or cups do not stack them inside of one another, instead place them flat at the bottom of the box to protect their brittle structure. Secure the box with lots of tape to ensure that nothing falls out and if you have packing peanuts then those are a great way to ensure the chinas protection on a bumpy transit. 

At Now We’re moving we use a wide variety of techniques to protect your precious belongings, and we understand that the wrong choices in packing can seriously damage a piece of art or antique. Paintings in particular are prone to damage if wrapped too tight and if adhesive materials touch the surface. 

Moving antiques

Bath is a city full of charming antique stores and shops with old furniture that can add a refined feel to a home. Unfortunately, many of these old pieces of furniture are barely held together by their original fittings, and when transported are prone to fall apart. Transporting old wooden furniture can often be a process of consulting with the homeowner about the specific value and fragility of the item. 

The main thing to keep in mind when moving antique furniture is that often the legs and arms, which on a new piece of furniture would be a key holding point, are very brittle and delicate, and as such we have to package them very carefully so as to allow easy movement but also protect the places that are most vulnerable to tension when moved. 

Value as discussed for fine art is also something that can make moving antique furniture complicated. When preparing them for transport remember to label them and ensure that the most valuable items have been made clear to the remover. If you have decided to do the process yourself then you should still label them, as misplacing antiques during a move is all too easy when there are so many things to think about. 

Moving antiques

At Now We’re Moving we have years of experience transporting furniture and precious belonging for customers of every walk in life. We insure all of our transportations and we understand how important your belongings are. We are committed to providing you with a service that is not only reasonably priced but will ensure your possessions are transported safely and professionally. 

Get in contact with us to get a better understanding of how we can help make your move as easy as possible. 

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