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At Now We’re Moving, we have a dedicated team offering you a comprehensive range of removals and storage services. We have a wealth and depth of experience, backed by three generations – we truly are a family run business. Here are our team members to help with you before, during and after your move day.

Rick Higgins


  • Position: Owner, Surveyor, Mover, Packer, Storer.
  • Removal Industry experience: 14 years.
  • Skills: House surveying, Pricing, Customer Service.
  • Personality: Friendly, Chatty.
  • Hobbies: Family time, Gym, my dogs, Football (Liverpool fan)

Tony Higgins


  • Position: Surveyor, part-time – retired, Owner’s Dad!
  • Removal industry experience: 12 years.
  • Skills: House surveying, Customer Service, DIY.
  • Personality: Friendly, Approachable.
  • Hobbies: Family time, Watching local football team. (Spurs Fan)

Luke Higgins


  • Position: Surveyor, Mover, Packer, Porter, Storer – Owner’s son!
  • Removal Industry experience: 9 years
  • Skills: House Surveying, Lifting, Loading the van, Customer Service, Team Player.
  • Personality: Laid Back.
  • Hobbies: Gym, Football (Liverpool Fan), Spending time with girlfriend & Friends.

Paul Hawkes


  • Position: Mover, Packer, Porter.
  • Removal Industry experience: 3 years.
  • Skills: Carrying, packing, Team Player.
  • Personality: Quietly humorous.
  • Hobbies: Family, Football (Liverpool fan), Jogging.

Lee Collins


  • Position: Mover, Packer, Porter, Storer
  • Removal Industry experience: 9 years
  • Skills: HGV Driving, Furniture assembly expert, Loading the van, packing, Team Player.
  • Personality: Loveable Rogue.
  • Hobbies: Spending time with Family, Football (Liverpool fan)

Nick Dorrington


  • Position: Mover, Packer, Porter, Storer
  • Removal Industry experience: 9 years
  • Skills: HGV Driving, Loading the van, Furniture Assembly, packing, Team Player.
  • Personality: Lothario.
  • Hobbies: Spending time with daughter & socialising with friends. Football (Arsenal fan)

Leyton Thomas

ALIAS: BIG BOY          

  • Position: Mover, Packer, Porter, Sales.
  • Removal industry experience: 5 years
  • Skills: Customer Service, Lifting, Furniture Assembly, packing, Team Player.
  • Personality: Conscientious.
  • Hobbies: Rugby/Football (although Man Utd fan!), spending time with family.

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