Antique & Fine Art Removals

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Over the years, the experienced team at Antique Removals have carried out a wide range of antique and fine art removals services.

We’ve provided trusted removals services for grandfather clocks, grand pianos, paintings and much more. Our highly-skilled team have extensive experience, and specialist training when it comes to a wide range of removals services.

If you’re looking for a team of dedicated and careful antique and fine art removal experts, we can ensure that your belongings are packed safely and delivered with the utmost care

Moving Antiques

As a company, we have extensive experience when it comes to transporting antiques of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to transport heavy antiques, such as grandfather clocks and barometers, or even extremely sensitive antiques such as porcelain and china, we are here to help. Our specialist antiques transportation staff will ensure that your antiques are securely packaged and handled carefully throughout the entire movement process.

Even if your antiques aren’t particularly valuable, but hold a great deal of sentimental wealth, our removals team will treat them as though they are priceless and irreplaceable artefacts.

Transporting Fine Arts

If you’re an avid art collector, or you’ve inherited pieces of treasured art, we know how daunting it can be to trust someone to handle them. At Now We Are Moving, we understand the importance of protecting your fine art, and will take every care to ensure that your paintings and sculptures are packed securely and delivered without damage.

We’ve carried out a wide range of fine art removals for a variety of clients, from private collectors to some of the UK’s most prestigious art galleries. So, you can rest assured that your fine art is in safe hands when you choose us for your removals service.

Specialist Moving Boxes & Crates

One of the ways that we actively work to protect your belongings during the removals process is, when required, to store them in specialist, reinforced moving boxes. These boxes are extremely strong, and provide incredible protection to your treasured antiques and fine art. Whether you only have a few antiques, or we’re moving your very own art gallery, we can provide secure and safe moving boxes to handle all kinds of belongings.

Even if your art and antiques don’t necessarily require moving boxes and crates, we’ll still ensure they are packed carefully and tightly to prevent any kind of damage.

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Antique Furniture & Art Inspection

When we’re required to move valuable or irreplaceable works of art or antiques in the local area, we take care to carefully inspect and photograph the items in question. That way, we’re able to ensure that we know exactly what condition they are in when we pack them away.

That also gives you peace of mind, in that if they do sustain any damage during the transportation process, due to an accident, or even if they are damaged while bringing them into your new property, we have an accurate record.

Antique & Fine Art Removals Pricing

Here at Now We Are Moving, we offer bespoke pricing for our antiques and fine art removals services. Depending on the value of your antiques and fine arts, we can even offer advice and support to make sure you have the right insurance in place to protect your belongings.

Whether you’re moving locally, or internationally, we can provide the right service to suit your needs. Our antiques and fine art removals services have been used by homeowners, organisations and businesses of all kinds.

For more information on our antique and fine art removals services in your local area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today.