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Planned office relocation

To plan any office moves in accordance with the client’s needs, Now We’re Moving, will arrange a meeting to discuss the exact details of your office removal situation.

This enables us to understand exactly what you would like us to do, and to apply the necessary resources and equipment. We will assign a Move Manager to take care of your office removal.

Although a Move Manager is not always necessary, we would certainly suggest it with larger scale business moves. Our Move Manager has a vast amount of knowledge and experience of office relocation services, has worked for some of the nation largest moving companies and will surely help you plan and organise your relocation more efficiently.

Understanding your requirements

Important questions to ask before planning an office move. Is there easy access to the building? Are we complying with all Health & Safety Regulations? A site visit is integral to organising your move.

After visiting the site, we will completely understand the potential challenges and obstacles. We will cater for all of your specific needs and concerns.

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We Supply all materials needed for your Office move.

Now We’re Moving can undertake your office move, whatever its size. Whether you are moving into a small or large office, relocating departments within a building or moving entire companies nationwide, we have the man power and resources to do it. . We have dedicated storage facilities, for long or short term use.

We are aware that when moving offices, certain challenges arise in terms of the scale of the move and budgets and schedules. Whether you are moving internally or moving to a brand new building, we have the expertise and man power to achieve it . Our experienced team of removal specialists will be on hand throughout your office move to guide you through every step of the process. They can help you plan your new office design and get everything ready for when you move in. We can supply all packing materials needed for the move, whether you choose to pack yourselves or wish to hire our packing experts to do the job.