Terms and Conditions

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Quotations are valid for 60 days from the date of the quote being received. (subject to inflation)

If extra furniture or belongings are not declared and or are added to the move after receiving your quotation, and more time or vans and, or men are required than originally quoted to complete the job, further costs will be incurred.

Provisional Bookings

A provisional booking is not a confirmed booking.

We will do our best to advise if availability is running out for a date that might be provisionally booked.

A booking is confirmed by way of at least a 50% deposit. We will ask for 100% if you wish us to hold a date that is not confirmed. These are non refundable .A booking is to be confirmed by accepting the quotation via email.

Our Services

We will put all furniture where the client requests as long as it is reasonable and safe to do so.

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the furniture will fit into the new location and is in good condition to move without risk of damage. If the clients’ furniture does not fit into the new property, extra costs will be incurred if we have to transport to another location.

We can disconnect & reconnect washing machines & dishwashers as long as the correct fittings are present (usually a small charge for this). We will not remove kitchen work tops, or any other kind of carpentry type work that may be required to enable appliances to fit in the new property.

We cannot disconnect gas cookers, light fittings or electrical appliances that are hard wired into the wall. This is the job of a qualified electrician.

Any furniture screwed to the wall like TV brackets, curtain rails, shelving, light fittings and anything else, should be ready and disconnected by the customer prior to the move. We can remove from walls if required, but only with prior notice. This is a chargeable service, and we will not be responsible for any repairs for filling that may be required after.

It is the customer’s responsibility to disconnect and reconnect any TVs, stereos, computers, or any other electrical equipment.

All furniture dismantling/assembly & disconnecting/connecting services must be agreed prior to the move.

If we have to move white goods and or any furniture left behind by the previous occupants, additional charges will be incurred.

Chipboard furniture can break easily, sometimes even when simply being lifted from the floor, we will not be responsible for any damage to this type of furniture.

We can move upright pianos but only from ground floor to ground floor. (We can move them up two or three steps)

We can take furniture out of a window if required (client to arrange with a glazing company prior to the move) In the unlikely event of damage we are unable to accept liability.

Access Issues

All quotes are based on the information obtained at the house or video survey. Also, by the description provided by the customer. If we arrive at the second property and the access is not how originally described, then additional charges will be added to the price. For example, if we get told the access is good, ie close, level, unobscured, but there are steps, steep slope or we have to park more than 15 meters away, additional costs will be incurred (as we would have quoted to supply an extra man or even require half a day extra). Or it will take us longer with the staff already on site, in which case they will need to be paid for the extra hours worked. In the event of this, the charges are; £36+vat per man per hour after 5pm. It is the customers responsibility to ensure we can park immediately outside the property. It is also the customers responsibility to obtain parking permits where necessary, any parking fines we receive will be passed on to the customer.

Late Key Waiver

On the day of your move, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Our late key waiver is designed to save you stress and money in the event that there is a delay in gaining access to your new property. This may be due to a delay in the vendor moving out of the property or in the transfer of money within the removal chain.

Our quotes do not include us waiting for keys past 1.45pm, should there be a delay in receiving them on the day. Our removal team will wait outside your property up to 1.45pm, at no charge, however after 1.45pm, there will be a key waiting charge of £36+vat per crew member, per hour or part thereof, up until the time we gain access.

For example, if keys are not received and we are unable to gain access until 4.45pm, with a 3 staff crew, there will be a charge of 3 hours per person (£324.00+vat in total).

Our Late Key Waiver is charged at £120+vat & can therefore save you money, should there be a delay beyond your control, but ultimately the choice is yours. Please note : If we are waiting past 3.45pm, the costs revert to standard key waiting charges of £36+vat per man per hour.

Please note: The late key waiver does not cover the event of us not being able to gain access to your property at all on your removal day. If keys are not received on your allocated moving day, then storage and re-delivery charges would apply.

On your removal day, the team will only be able to wait until 5.00pm for keys, after this time the banks or solicitors will not be able to complete on the sale/purchase due to banks closing, or the time that their working hours are up. Extra costs will be incurred.

If you would like to add our Late Key Waiver to your booking, please contact us on Bath:01225-684514, Bristol: 0117 287 0007 or Mobile: 07725829086. The waiver can be purchased anytime from the time of confirming your booking, up until the day before your move.

If you would like to add the additional security offered by our Late Key Waiver to your booking, please indicate this in an email and we will amend the invoice accordingly.

Unable to gain entry

If we are unable to gain entry for any reason after the house is completed, we will charge £36+vat per man per hour from arrival.  Eg: If another removal company still hasn’t moved the seller out by 1.45pm .

It will be up to yourself to chase the solicitor for compensation from the other party. But the contract is between us, and you will pay RJH Removals Ltd (T/A Now We’re Moving) on the day of the removal, or no later than 1 working day.


By agreeing to undertake the removal or storage we incur costs in preparing for it and may also lose the opportunity to undertake further work that would use the same resources. Because of this we may suffer loss if you cancel this contract or postpone its performance. The amount we will potentially lose will depend on when the cancellation and/or postponement occurs.

If you cancel or postpone more than 14 working days before the removal date, then there shall be no charge payable by you.

If you cancel or postpone less than 10 working days but more than 7 working days before the removal date, then you shall pay to us a charge equivalent of 30% of the agreed removal cost. (Day one is the date of the cancellation.)

If you cancel or postpone less than 7 working days but more than 5 working days before the removal date, then you shall pay to us a charge equivalent of 50% of the agreed removal cost. (Day one is the date of the cancellation.)

If you cancel or postpone less than 5 working days but more than 3 working days before the removal date, then you shall pay to us a charge equivalent of 75% of the agreed removal cost. (Day one is the date of the cancellation.)

If you cancel or postpone 3 working days or less before the removal date, then you shall pay us a charge equivalent to 100% of the agreed removal cost. (Day one is the date of the cancellation.)

Customers Packing And Moving Responsibilities

We always recommend using our professional comprehensive packing service, we can provide a quotation for this after your survey.

Items that have not been packed by us are not covered by our insurance. If customers choose to pack themselves, fragile items such as mirrors, pictures, lamps etc should be adequately protected with bubble wrap or similar or it will not be covered by insurance.

It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that all items will fit into the new property. If you wish for us to move sofas or bulky furniture into the relevant rooms, but are unable to physically fit them in, we are able to offer storage at an additional fee if this is required, plus a redelivery cost. If we are asked to move furniture upstairs or into an area that we know is a risk to damage either the property or furniture, we will ask you to sign a damage waiver form. We accept no responsibility for damage to walls or furniture if it goes against our professional advice.

TV’s or audio equipment or any other electrical equipment must be correctly packaged, with bubble and/or packing paper inside a protected box. Electrical equipment that is not boxed is to be moved at the client’s risk.

Fridges and freezers should be emptied and ready to move.

Every loose item must be boxed ready for transportation.

It is the customers’ responsibility to check everything in the property has been cleared prior to us leaving. If we have to come back and collect items forgotten, there will be an hourly rate charge of £65+vat per hour, plus fuel @ £0.70p+vat per mile.

The customer should remain on site throughout the removal unless agreed prior otherwise.

Access in and out of your property should be made safe for our staff to walk back & forth carrying items. EG: Lighting, parking distance within 20 meters, etc.

Furniture Dismantling & Re-Assembling

If we have to dismantle furniture not previously discussed, additional costs will be incurred.

We can dismantle and rebuild furniture as long as the furniture is designed to withstand dismantling and handling. This has to be agreed to do so prior to the move.

Please note flat pack furniture is not designed to be taken apart and rebuilt many times. Even the most experienced and careful of hands cannot help the cheap woodchip from chipping and connecting dowels failing.

We will not be liable for the woodchip and dowels failing from dismantling or reassembly.

Flat pack furniture may lose some stability even when correctly rebuilt. This is one of the reasons flat pack furniture is inexpensive to buy. We are not responsible if rebuilt furniture loses its original stability.

Some furniture may have been glued or nailed and or may not be designed to be taken apart without damage. We will not be liable for damage to furniture that has been glued or nailed together when taking it apart if we are required to do so. We reserve the right not to take it apart if we feel it may damage or risk not going together suitably.

Custom made furniture is not made to be disassembled. We can try to do this if requested but cannot take responsibility for any damage.

Some furniture, especially furniture that is old may damage just by taking it apart. We will not be liable for any damage to any furniture that is rotten, mouldy or not in a condition to dismantle. Assembly of flat pack furniture is not guaranteed on the day and is subject to key release time. We may have to arrange an alternative date to come back and assemble.

Hourly Rate Jobs

Removals that are charged by the hour, will start when the vans leave the yard, and finish once the last item has been unloaded or when all customers’ requirements have been fulfilled, plus the drive time back to the depot.

Jobs outside of our area will have the drive time charged from leaving the depot to returning to the depot plus fuel @ £0.70p per mile (both ways) unless a fixed price has been agreed prior to the job date.

Please be aware, even though we will do our best to estimate job lengths, jobs may take longer than estimated. Moves will be charged for the time that they actually take to complete.

Due to the nature of removals, there are many factors that can increase job length that are out of our control. The main one being access from the van to the property, and the access inside the properties.

Items That We Aren’t Authorised To Move. (Insurance Void)

Dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances, Toxic waste, paint tins, fuel and gas bottles, open bags of soil/rubble or cement, live animals, firearms, drugs or any other illegal items.

Sub-Contracting Work

We reserve the right to sub-contract work, for which we have provided a quotation, without notifying you.

We use a small team of excellent experienced subcontractors to help with the workload. The subcontractors are carefully selected, and meet our high standards of professional work and follow our code of conduct.

Our Liability For Loss Or Damage

Insurance is Included with all our moves. Each van has Goods in Transit Insurance of £10,000. Other than when it results from negligence on our part, we shall have no liability for loss or damage to the goods of any kind whatsoever.

Valued Inventory

Moves of £25,000 and over: a valued inventory document must be completed for every job you undertake where the total inventory is over £25,000. You must list all items worth £500 or more before you move them. Claims will not be considered without this information.

In all cases the value of the goods for the purposes of this contract and determining our liability shall be the current replacement cost of each item making up the goods, with due allowance for age, wear and tear and depreciation. For the avoidance of doubt goods shall not be valued on a “new for old basis”.If goods are damaged beyond repair, then our liability will be, at most, the value of the goods damaged beyond repair.
If goods are damaged but can be repaired then our liability will be, at most, the repair cost. We shall not be liable for any diminution in value of the goods as a consequence of the repair. Under no circumstances, other than provided for, shall our liability to you exceed £40 per item damaged up to a maximum of £20,000 for any one removal/storage contract.For the avoidance of doubt where we have packed the goods in a wardrobe, drawer, case, box or other type of container, then the liability shall be £40 for the container and the items in it. We will pay a maximum of £40 per item that is damaged. The job form is to be checked at the end of the removal and the items damaged ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is to be circled & signed accordingly.

Time Limits for Claims

We will not be liable for any loss or damage to any goods unless any claim for loss or damage is notified to us in writing by recorded delivery post or email WITHIN THREE DAYS.

Damage to Premises

We shall only be liable for damage to premises caused by our negligence. Any damages to premises must be noted on the delivery receipt and confirmed in writing to us within three days.

Payment of Removal Charges

Unless you have our written agreement to the contrary you must pay our charges, so we have cleared funds 1 working day advance of the removal date. Unless we agree otherwise, you may not withhold any part of the agreed price. We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation, if we’re not paid according to our agreed credit terms.”

Interest is added daily to all overdue accounts. We reserve the right to terminate this contract if payment is not received before the removal date, and not to carry out any services quoted for. Failure to comply with our payment terms will also mean that we will not insure our liability for the goods.


When moving to storage it is advised that you are present to ensure the state of your goods on arrival to storage. We must be notified of any damage before the items are left in storage.

We take responsibility in the moving of your goods but once they are in storage (not our own storage facilities) our responsibility’s end.

We cannot supply blankets for storage. Some storage containers are dirty and we cannot accept responsibility for dirt caused by the storage unit. (not our own storage facilities)

We advise you to buy a mattress cover from us or the storage company and to ensure adequate protection for your goods once they have left the care of the removal vehicle.

If you use another company to move you out of storage we cannot accept any damage they may cause.

Public Liability Insurance

We are covered up to 5 million pounds employer’s liability.

Our Right to Withhold or Dispose of the Goods

We may keep hold of all or some of your goods until you have paid all the charges you owe us, even if the unpaid charges do not relate to those goods.

Furthermore, we may sell all or some of your goods to recover any unpaid charges. We can only do this after giving you 30 days written notice that we intend to do so.

Advice, Information and the Basis of Agreement

In this document we set out the terms and conditions of the contract between us. Please do not rely on promises or claims, written or verbally made, that contradict the terms and conditions of this document. In the event of any apparent contradiction between these terms and conditions and a promise or claim made please refer to us for clarification.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and any contract entered by us shall be subject to English law and any claim arising from these terms and conditions or from any contract of removal or storage entered by us shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

If you have failed to provide an address, or if you fail to respond to our correspondence then we shall be entitled to publish notices in an area from which the goods were removed. The publication of such notice shall be accepted as valid communication with you.

It is important that we both know what you have in store. Where we prepare an inventory of the goods taken into store and this is forwarded to you this must be checked. You must inform us, as soon as possible, of any inaccuracies. It shall be assumed that if you do not bring any inaccuracies to our attention within 7 days that you are in agreement with the contents of the inventory.

We reserve the right to review our storage charges periodically. We will inform you of any change in the applicable rates by giving you notice in writing not less than 28 days before the change in rates. The new rates will apply from the end of that 28 day period.

We reserve the right to terminate the storage contract by giving you not less than 3 months notice in writing. If the goods have not been collected by you, or on your behalf, or delivered to you or to your order, by the time the storage contract terminates then the goods will thereafter only be held entirely at your risk and we will have no liability in respect of the same.

If you wish to terminate the storage contract you may do so by giving us not less than 14 days notice in writing. Storage charges will then be payable up to the end of the notice period or the date on which the goods are removed, whichever is the later. All charges must be paid up to date before the goods can be released. Once the charges are paid we will endeavour to release the goods at a time that is convenient to you.

If you decide to collect the goods rather than having them delivered then we reserve the right to charge a reasonable hand out charge for handing them over. You are reminded that our responsibility for the goods ends. We must stress the importance of goods being properly checked by you on delivery or handing over to you or your representative.

Extra Conditions that Apply to Foreign Removals

The import of goods into many countries is heavily regulated. Unless we otherwise agree in writing it is your responsibility to complete all necessary documentation and obtain relevant permissions, permits, licences, customs documents or anything else necessary for the import and clearance of your goods.

Where your goods are to be carried by sea you may become liable for General Average contribution (that is the costs incurred to preserve the carrying vessel and cargo in certain circumstances), salvage costs and costs of forward transmission. We shall not be liable to you for any liability whatsoever or howsoever arising, including by our negligence, that you may incur for salvage, General Average or forwarding costs.

We will not accept liability for goods confiscated, seized or removed by Customs Authorities, or similar bodies and Government Agencies other than in circumstances where such confiscation, seizure or removal occurs due to our negligence.

You will be responsible for and obliged to pay on demand for any costs, charges (including but not limited to storage charges), expenses, fines, penalties or similar cost incurred during the import, customs or similar procedure unless they were incurred as a consequence of negligence on our part in obtaining or arranging any permission, permit, licence or customs document for which we had agreed in writing to obtain or arrange.


The provisions contained in this contract are considered fair and reasonable by the parties but if any provision shall be found to be unenforceable but would be valid if any part of it were deleted or modified, the provision shall apply with such modifications as may be necessary to make it valid and effective.

Agreement to Proceed

By ticking the accept box on the quote form, you are agreeing to all of our terms & conditions.

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