Why moving to Bath could be ideal for you

You may have thought about moving to Bath or another part of the country before, maybe the big city is grinding you down, or you want to move somewhere that is developed with plenty of amenities but also is nice and close to nature. Maybe you wanted to move somewhere that is both aesthetically beautiful with amazing architecture and deep rooted history, but also with all the modern conveniences and a night life as well? 

Bath is only an hour and a half away from London and it has everything you could want or need in a major city. Here we will go over what makes Bath such a great place to live and why moving to Bath isn’t nearly as hard as you may think. 

These are some of the questions we will answer:

Is Bath a good place to live?

Moving to Bath is a great idea if you like cities with culture, beauty, safety, a sense of history, ease of access, family-friendly surroundings, world heritage sites, incredible countryside and more Grade II listed Georgian buildings than you can shake a stick at, then maybe it’s the right city for you. 

It’s a small city but it has everything you need

So you have arrived in Bath on a gloriously sunny day (we hope!) and you step out of the train onto our beautiful Brunel designed station and you wonder “what am I going to do today?”. The first thing that will face you on the left as you walk up the street will be our shopping quarter Southgate Shopping venue. 

Here you will find pretty much everything you could need shopping wise and more. From delicious food to clothes and retail shops galore. Once you have had your fill of shopping you may feel the need to rest a while, why not try one of our amazing cafes? Or sit beside the ancient Bath Abbey? Incidentally, the Abbey is directly beside one of Bath’s most famous attractions, the Roman Bath ruins! Inside you will find an incredibly well-preserved ruin of the old Roman Baths that give this town its very name. 

If after that you feel slightly jealous of those old Romans, then you may want to have your own luxurious Bath, well just along the street past beautiful Georgian architecture you will find the modern Baths and spa, where you will find extreme levels of relaxation and pampering, so only go if you think you can handle that level of detoxification! 

Bath is also at the edge of the Cotswolds and if you have a car it is very easy to access the incredible rolling hills and classic British countryside that surrounds Somerset’s biggest city. 

It’s a beautiful city with lots of history

Bath is an incredibly ancient city, a history which can be felt just by walking around and paying attention to the surroundings and architecture. The Georgian buildings are the most obvious indication of the city centre’s impressive history, and particularly in places like the royal crescent where the full extent of the style can be seen. All around Bath, you can see incredible regency and Georgian buildings, but if you look a little closer you may notice a deeper history beneath this southwestern sandy coloured city. 

The clearest indication of this ancient history can be seen at the still-standing Roman baths, which were (likely) built on the site of a main spring that was worshipped by the local Britons, dedicated to their god Sullis. The Romans (as they so often did with local gods) interpreted this to be their god Minerva, and as such you can find many clues to this in the form of Minerva’s symbolic animal, the owl, being depicted around the town and baths.  

Beyond the baths you can find all kinds of little pieces of history around the city, from statues of ancient pig tamers to medieval pubs tucked away on street corners. If you want to read more about the historical facts and locations of Bath, why not read another of our blogs on the subject here.

Bath Spa

Bath has great transport links

Getting around Bath on foot is extremely easy due to the centralised nature of the city and the regular maps you can find dotted around. The city itself is very well connected in terms of public transport, taking only an hour and twenty minutes to get to London on the train and sometimes less than fifteen to get to Bristol. 

If you don’t fancy the train then you can always get the bus that will take you directly to the centre of Bristol, or cycle to Bristol along the river cycle path. Bath also has a good connection to the Bristol airport, with a bus going directly there. If you are moving to Bath permanently the access is very straightforward and extremely well connected to the rest of the county whether it’s by train, plane or automobile. 

It’s one of the safest places to live

Bath is truly one of the safest places to live in the UK, with friendly communities and an overall low crime score. Bath was named the second safest city in the world (as in the whole world, not just UK!) by ITV in 2015. Bath has an extremely high score on travel safely abroad and you will feel right at home in our beautiful city if you decide moving to Bath is for you. 

Great schools and university

Bath features a number of excellent schools, as well as two very well regarded universities, Bath Spa and Bath university. Both of these universities provide excellent facilities and have both ranked highly in university ranking tables. The whole city is incredibly family-friendly and the centre, in particular, has all the amenities you could want within walking distance. 

Great amenities and cultural attractions

Bath is positively stuffed with amenities and cultural attractions. The entire city is a world heritage site and as noted previously here, there are so many historical and cultural centres of interest we would be surprised you would be able to see them all in one visit. 

Bath is a cultural centre in a number of ways, featuring verdant green spaces and a number of fascinating museums. There are also some fantastic art galleries including the Holburne museum that features a splendid collection of 18th-century art. Directly across, you will find Great Pulteney Street where the Jane Austen book Northanger Abbey is set.  

If you come around christmas time you will be able to experience our famous christmas market, which features food, games and all kinds of shopping stalls around the town to add to a city that defines the Victorian christmas aesthetic. 

As a city that has become known as a city break destination Bath has a wide variety of excellent restaurants and food stalls. There are a number of gastropubs and Michelin star-rated restaurants in the town, as well world-famous tea houses, like the Sally Lunns in the city centre. Check out VisitBath to get an idea for some of the restaurants we have here. 

Is Bath expensive to live in?

Bath may appear to be an expensive city to live in, with its fancy buildings and luxurious amenities, however, it is actually quite affordable, with rent being approximately 40% lower than in London. 

Moving to Bath doesn’t need to be expensive with removal companies like us at Now We’re Moving offering excellent rates to those moving from the big smoke down to the (almost) countryside. 

living in Bath

Removal companies in Bath

If you are planning your move to Bath from other areas in the UK, you will need a company that operates nationally. At Now We’re Moving we offer an excellent service to anyone that feels the need to make that transition from the city to the slightly smaller city. We would checking out when the best time to move is, here is a site that can help you figure out when the best time is. 

We are a top-rated removal company and have years of experience in the field, contact us now for more information and a quote. 


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