How to pack fragile items for moving

It’s one of most people’s worst nightmares when it comes to moving – the possibility of losing important and very loved objects. Whilst it is normal to be concerned about your belongings, it is possible to move even your most fragile items without them breaking or getting damaged. Here is how to pack fragile items for maximum security. Just follow these simple packing methods to keep those fragile objects safe:

Plan ahead of time

It takes time to pack up delicate and expensive porcelain, china, and other breakable items. This is not the time to be hurried. If you’re not employing movers, start far ahead of time to carefully pack these goods and decide whether they’ll be transported by van or by car.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools

Quality packing boxes of variable size; packing paper, bubble wrap, foldable cardboard, cutters, and packing tape are all required. A large table on which to lay out your belongings and organise and pack everything is also necessary. For larger goods, you may need someone else’s help.

Make sure the boxes are the right size – you will want to use smaller boxes for valuable, fragile items and wrap items individually.

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Label all your fragile items

Clearly labelling the boxes containing your sensitive goods as “fragile” will assist your movers in handling them more cautiously, as well as while unloading and arranging at your new location. Make sure to look for those labelled boxes first when you get to your new home.

Strengthen the bottom of the box

The boxes you use should be of good quality. Using solid boxes without any damage or holes will protect your items. But, in any case, you also need to start by taping the bottom of the box to make sure it is extra strong and that nothing will fall through. 

Start with the heaviest objects

Once you’ve secured the bottom of the box, you’ll then want to start by packing the largest/heaviest objects at the bottom of the box. This will prevent smaller items from getting crushed.

How to pack plates

Plates should be packaged in an upright position in small to medium boxes. Make sure you have previously lined the boxes on the bottom and top with crumpled packing paper. After that, each dish should be wrapped with bubble wrap and taped together. Between the plates, put more paper, and make sure the package isn’t too full. 

How to pack fragile items like a TV

Flat-screen televisions or computer monitors might be difficult to transport. If you don’t still have the original packaging, begin by finding a box that is the right size for your television. Disconnect any connections and attachments, such as cables and the legs of the TV, and placing them in a labelled box. Wrap the screen with a soft blanket and secure it with tape all around it. Finally, put it into the box and close it with tape. 


Lamps are also very delicate objects. They require particular care whether they are small table lamps for your bedroom or a standing lamp for a living room. If at all feasible, start by disassembling it and cover the shade, especially if it’s made of glass. Carefully place it in a separate box and cover it with a thick layer of paper and padding. The base may be wrapped and placed with other items.

Top tip for moving fragile items: Hire professional movers

Professional movers have plenty of experience handling all sorts of objects, packing them and safely moving them from one part of the country to another. Therefore, it is safe to say that there’s no one better prepared to move any fragile items and answer all your questions about how to pack fragile items At Now We’re Moving we have years of experience moving delicate objects safely to their new homes. Get in touch with us to tell us more about your requirements and everything you need to move.

If it all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! We are here to help. Get in touch with our team of expert movers at Now We’re Moving to get a quick quote.

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