House moving costs in the UK

How much does it cost to move? This is likely going to be number one in your mind when you begin the often gruelling process of preparing to move. The factors that affect the house moving costs in the UK can be varied and seemingly complicated.

Here we attempt to make this more clear to you, so that your move can be as easy as possible and you can get back to the things that matter most, like living your life to the fullest in your new home. 

Home moving costs before the move

Before you move there are many costs to consider that may not immediately be obvious if you have not moved before or are buying a new house. Stamp duty for example is a key cost to consider when calculating your house moving costs in the UK.


If you intend on buying and moving into a new property then you will likely need to do a snagging survey of the property to ensure that it does not have any problems that may harm its long term integrity. Property survey costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the property. £2000 would be in the upper margins of this cost. 


You will likely need to hire a solicitor to organise all of your moving legalities, and you will need either a solicitor or a licenced conveyancer to handle the conveyancing. This process can be 

Insurance fees

You will likely have already organised your insurance fees at this point when negotiating your mortgage, but if not then home insurance is what covers any damage to the structure that could in any way affect its value. 

Deposit, mortgage costs and broker fees

There are some additional fees to consider when buying a house that should always be accounted for. At this stage, you likely will have already considered and accounted for your deposit and mortgage costs, but don’t forget about broker fees. There may be other stipulations in your contract so be sure to keep track of your budget. 

House moving costs on the day

Your main on the day cost will naturally be the removal company fee, which can vary significantly based on where you live, how much you intend to move and who you decide to use. There are options from simply hiring out a man with a van service, to a full removal team that will wrap up and store all of your belongings as well as move them for you delicately. 

Many people assume that they will be able to move their items if they do not own too much and it will save some money, in reality using a removal service can be essential and will save you more than your money is worth, for example: 

  • Time is money: the biggest benefit of using a removal service is that you will be saving a huge amount of time. The process of moving is surprisingly difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of precious. 
  • If any problems occur it is far easier to manage the situation if you have a removal company helping you. If you have a team of professionals who are required to take care of all your belongings and ensure their safety you will feel more able to tackle the other problems that inevitably arise when trying to move home. 
  • How much are you actually going to save if you don’t hire a removal company? While you may think you are saving by not spending on the professional service, you may be surprised by how many costs end up adding up as you organise your move. Naturally, this all takes away from your precious time, but also needing to hire a van, needing to pack everything and source the packing material, who will need to help you if you need it, will you have insurance to cover any damages? These are all questions you need to ask yourself if you intend on doing it alone. 

Ultimately it is pretty clear that a large scale move necessitates hiring a removal company if you want to save yourself a tremendous amount of hassle. While you can use our man with a van service, if you are going to do a big move then it would be recommended that you look into a full removal service to save on house moving costs in the UK.

Why you should choose Now We’re Moving

With all these factors to consider, at Now We’re Moving we are in a perfect position to help you get your move on the way and ensure a smooth move to your new home. 

Our fees are dependent on a number of factors, specifically on if the property is within a 10-mile radius of us (relevant to the specific city) and how easy the access is. We can help you save time and alleviate your stress with our certified professional service. Here is an average rundown of our costs, but remember that it is still highly dependent on circumstances.

2 Bedroom House3 Bedroom House4 Bedroom House5 Bedroom House
£475 – £595£575 – £720£695 – £895£895 – £1150
(Small amount- Large amount of goods)(Small amount- Large amount of goods)(Small amount- Large amount of goods)(Small amount- Large amount of goods)

We at Now We’re Moving are experts at making your move as seamless and stress-free as possible, as well as providing a like-for-like price match to any competing moving company. 

If you have any questions about the specifics or would like to get a detailed quote, check out our calculator page here to get a more in-depth look at what you will be spending on the move. 

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