Property Guide: Midsomer Norton

Thinking of moving to Midsomer Norton? Take a look at our property guide, take a look at our handy property guide, full of essential facts & figures

Where is Midsomer Norton?

The rural town of Midsomer Norton can be found between the city of Bath and The Mendip Hills in the county of Somerset, South West England.

Post Code: BA3
Nearest Cities: Bristol (10 Miles) Wells (10 Miles) Bath (15 Miles)

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Property in Midsomer Norton

Property Prices in Midsomer Norton

The average house price in Midsomer Norton stood at £277,654 after experiencing substantial growth in the previous decade. Since 2009, house prices in the area have risen by 36.43% with an average price increase of £74,143. As with most areas, the price of properties in Midsomer Norton differs by house type – with detached houses costing almost £100,000 more than semi-detached.

Average Property Prices in Midsomer Norton

  • Detached: £349,871
  • Semi-Detached: £252,643
  • Terraced: £206,124
  • Flat: £141,871

(2019, Source Zoopla)

Property types in Midsomer Norton

The majority of properties in Midsomer Norton are detached or semi-detached, making up over 65% of properties – this is much higher than the UK average of 53%.
Detached properties make up for over ⅓, and Semi-detached at 30%. Meanwhile, terraced houses account for just under a quarter whilst flats and converted/shared houses and bedsits make up just under 10%

Property types

  • Detached: 34.6%
  • Semi-Detached: 30.5%
  • Terraced: 23.7%
  • Purpose Built Flat Block: 8.3%
  • Converted/Shared House or Bed Sit: 1.5%
  • Commercial Building: 1.4%

Property ownership in Midsomer Norton

A large majority of homes in Midsomer Norton are owned with 80% of properties being owned outright or through a loan or mortgage. This is high above the 63.5% average in the UK, whilst the percentage of Social housing (local authority or other) is less than one third the national average – 4.7% in Midsomer Norton compared to the UK’s 17.6%
The other properties in the area are rented privately (14.2%) with just 0.9% living rent-free.

Property Ownership 

  • Owned outright 37%
  • Owned through loan or mortgage 43%
  • Shared Ownership 0.2%
  • Privately Rented: 14.2%
  • Social Rented: 5.7%
  • Rent Free: 0.9%

(Source: 2011 Census Midsomer Norton North)


Midsomer Norton Property Guide

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