What is the true cost of a self-storage unit? Moving house can be an incredible hassle at the best of times, and trying to find space for all your belongings can be an added headache on top of a growing mountain of problems. 

Self-storage is a simple and flexible option to store your belongings that you can use whenever you need them. There are several variables to consider when choosing a self-storage facility, including location, convenience, facilities, and, most crucially, pricing. The cost of self-storage is well-known for influencing customer decisions, but do you know how much you should be paying?

Factors to consider when choosing self-storage

The cost of a storage unit will depend on a number of factors.

How much you want to store

Different sizes of storage units will be available for rent at storage facilities, ranging from small lockers to enormous warehouse-style rooms. Typically, these areas are priced by the square foot (Sq. ft), with the larger the unit, the lower the price per square foot.

How long you want to use the self-storage facility

Length of stay in a storage facility is naturally fundamental to the cost of your storage unit. Keep in mind what you want to store and if keeping it in a poor environment may affect it. Furniture and delicate heirlooms may need very specific treatment.

The location of you and the self-storage facility

Location is also a factor that will determine the cost of self-storage. Facilities in popular or city-centre locations, like apartments, flats and homes, are often more expensive than those in less-populated or built-up places, simply owing to demand. Similarly, self-storage prices in the South, particularly in London, are frequently higher than those in the Midlands or the North.

Location is essential to a self-storage unit as and should ideally be somewhere highly accessible particularly with a car. If you do not own a car then large scale town storage units may not be the way to go for you. Location can also significantly affect the cost of self-storage.

If you live in a big city, you’re undoubtedly constrained by the amount of room you have. Living in the city means you may not always have access to a parking place, and the expense of hiring one can be too expensive. That is why we see tens of thousands of people using self-storage to store large, valuable objects in cities. 


Not all storage facilities are created alike, and while some do provide additional conveniences and frills, they usually come at a cost. Things like climate-controlled storage, video surveillance and vehicle storage can really increase the quality of a storage unit.

The average cost of self-storage 

Below you can see a graph indicating the average cost of self-storage across the county. This does not factor in the various additions and amenities costs that can come with hiring out storage. 

Average Storage Prices50 Square Feet75 Square Feet100 Square Feet150 Square Feet200 Square Feet
1 Week£23.02£34.53£46.04£69.06£92.08
1 Month£99.75£149.63£199.50£299.25£399.00
2 Months£199.50£299.25£399.00£598.50£798.00
3 Months£299.25£448.88£598.50£897.75£1197.00
6 Months£598.50£897.75£1197.00£1795.50£2394.00
1 Year£1197.00£1795.50£2394.00£3591.00£4788.00

Source: SSA industry report: does not include VAT or insurance.  https://www.ssauk.com/publications/uk-industry-report.html

Our self-storage service

When moving home, it might be the case that you need some storage for a while, whilst you get yourself settled down. Or maybe you’ve had to leave your house and stay elsewhere for a week or so whilst your new home contract is being finalised. Now We’re Moving offers self-storage in Bath and its surrounding areas at affordable prices.

We have a wide range of different storage sizes ranging from 30 SQ Ft to 200 SQ FT, meaning you only pay for the space and room that you need. You can easily switch storage units if you later decide you need less room.

30 SQ FT UNIT (135 cu ft)50 SQ FT UNIT (450 cu ft)75 SQ FT UNIT (675 cu ft)100 SQ FT UNIT (900 cu ft)115 SQ FT UNIT (1035 cu ft)
Prices are per week + VATPrices are per week + VATPrices are per week + VAT100sq ft unit is large enough for the contents of a small house, Prices are per week + VATPrices are per week + VAT

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