Case Study: Christina from Frome’s Move

Christina Layton is Now We’re Moving’s most long-standing customer. She started her move back in 2017 when she had to move her elderly parents and downsize to a rental at the same time. Moving forwards to 2021, and after the loss of her father, Christina’s mother has finally found her forever home. Thanks to Now We’re Moving, this four-year-long move was unexpectedly smooth. 

The Challenges Christina Faced

Christina first contacted the team at Now We’re Moving back in 2017. Christina faced moving her elderly parents to a downsized rental. Due to the size of the new property and the number of belongings that needed to be transferred, she thought this would be an especially challenging move. 

The logistics of moving elderly people to a new property can be tricky and it can take multiple trips and help from numerous people. Christina was also concerned that the storage costs would be high while they were staying in the rental property, even though this was initially meant to be for a short period, not four years!

Why Christina Chose Now We’re Moving

Now We’re Moving offers a range of services to fit around your move, whatever challenges it may pose. Christina chose Now We’re Moving due to our reputation as a friendly and flexible removals company. As a family-owned business, we take pride in our close-knit team and know that you can rely on them to do the best job. There are three generations of family members in the photo below (Rick, the owner, his Son and his Dad). 

Our range of removal packages can be found on our website for all of our customers. As a result, Christina could easily choose which service would suit her best. When it came to Christina’s move, the Now We’re Moving team took four van loads of items to storage and the rest to the cottage in Winchester. 

The cost of storage doesn’t have to be high. Now We’re Moving provides a full packing service, dismantling and assembly service, plus storage for a reasonable price and for however long is necessary. Christina’s five-year storage costs were no different to the usual weekly rate we charge our customers. 

Three generations of Now We’re Moving!

How Now We’re Moving Responded

To accommodate Christina’s elderly parents, the team at Now We’re Moving had to move goods to the rental cottage in two stages. As with any other move, our removals team handled this without a problem and at no extra cost. 

Soon after this first move, Christina learned she would need more help from Now We’re Moving. The new buyers of her parent’s old house decided that they didn’t want to keep any of the furniture they had initially left, so a skip or van would be required to remove it. In an email to Rick, she wrote:

“Hi Rick,

Have a bit of a dilemma I am hoping you can help with.

Our new buyer is being a pain, they said we can leave unwanted furniture and now they have changed their mind. I am now panicking because I am heading back to London today and on holiday from tomorrow so can’t sort something out.

Do you offer a service to get these items skipped for us as I can’t lift them on my own and my parents definitely cannot help.

I have a 3 seater sofa, a pine unit and possibly a one seater sofa chair (I may be able to skip this one by myself).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you 



In reply to this, Rick quoted Christina for the price of two men and a van for two hours and the team’s availability that very week:

“Hi Christina 

Yes, we can skip those items for you and your parents. 

We can do this for £120+vat.   Two men and a van, The 

cost is for two hours. So anything else you might want doing, please name it and we can do that within the two hours. 

We are available tomorrow and Thursday this week. 

Many thanks


Christina was delighted with this reasonable service and speedy turnaround, writing that the “guys were absolutely fantastic” and to “let them know they saved my sanity!”.

The length of Christina’s move was no issue for us. We are used to the unusual and unpredictable nature of the housing market and understand how frustrating it is for our customers when something goes wrong in the process. We can reassure you that it won’t change how we handle your move one bit.

now we're moving move

The Results of Christina’s Move

Christina first wrote praise for Now We’re Moving in 2017 when we carried out the first section of her move. In her email, Christina highlights how our services alleviated the stress of moving home:


Your guys have been absolutely fantastic today! I am absolutely amazed at how they managed to complete packing of the entire house and with such happiness and humour. I felt you should hear this feedback.

We will be looking to complete the final move of remaining items to our rental accomodation in Winchester on the Friday 29th September which I hope is achievable.

I’d like to thank you and your team for helping relieve the stresses of moving home.



Fast forward to 2021, and Christina is returning to use Now We’re Moving’s services for the rest of the move. In her email, she wrote:

“Good afternoon Rick,

Hope that this email finds you and the family all well.

My mother has finally found a house to purchase and will be completing in June.

We are hoping to do a few maintenance tasks to the house and have all the furniture delivered before she then moved in.

I am looking to try and get as much out of storage as possible but have a concern not all my parents belongings will fit in the new property (bearing in mind the 2 truck loads that went to rental as well). 

Based on how the contents were taken away, the last 4 truck loads would be what we want to get out first but most of the barn content (which I believe was in the first 2 truck loads taken to storage) may need to remain in storage until I can sort out a local unit which I can access.

Is this something that is possible?

We would also like assistance with assembling beds/furniture (where required) and unpacking. Is this something you are able to assist with?




We replied to this email on the same day, reassuring Christina that we could find out which storage unit the first two vans went into and that we could also assist with the assembling of furniture where required:

“Yes, we can do this for you. I will show it separately on the invoice once we know what you’d like us to do. How many beds, how many boxes (approx), which rooms etc.



Ultimately, Christina was a customer we loved working with at Now We’re Moving. It is highly rewarding to see that our hard work paid off and that her mother has settled into her new home. We are thrilled that we made such an impact on Christina and her positive feedback makes us exceptionally proud of our team. 

At the end of the moving process, Christina kindly left a five-star review for our services:

5 Star

“Having to move my elderly parents and downsize to a rental at the same time was an extremely stressful experience. Rick was always available and responded promptly to answer any questions we had throughout the entire process. 

Moving forward nearly 4 years and a loss of my father, a final 2 stage move was completed to deliver belongings from storage (very reasonably priced compared to all other competitors) and then a final move for my mother to her forever home. 

The men performing the move were all lovely, chatty, polite and very efficient and quick. I cannot fault the service provided and the costings were literally unbeatable! Would highly recommend and would definitely use again when I come to move myself one day.”

If you are looking for a trustworthy removals company to help you through your move, get in touch. Now We’re Moving provides a range of services to suit your needs, whatever they may be. 

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