Tips for moving with pets

Moving with pets can be a major hassle, no matter what your situation. From labradors to tabbies, different pets require different approaches. Here are some essential tips to make that move just that little bit more comfortable for you and your furry friends. 

Moving house with pets can undoubtedly increase stress levels, both for you and your pets, so try and keep a clear head and follow the tips listed in this guide. And remember, you staying calm is also going to help your pets stay calm.

Here is a list of the most important things to keep in mind when planning your big move with any fluffy companions. 


When moving house with pets, it’s usually important to attempt to stick to whatever routines you have as much as possible. Animals like to keep to a regular walking and feeding time, so any major change can stress them out. Make sure that as much as possible you are keeping to a routine even during the move.

Your behaviour on the day of your relocation will have an impact on how your dogs behave, especially if you’re feeling a little worried. If you act in a way that is out of the ordinary your pet may pick up on it and start to get anxious.

Arrange for one room in the house to be used as a temporary pet room, away from all the action, to avoid unneeded upheaval and to keep the walkways clear for your removal staff. Clear it out first, then add your pet(s) and everything else they’ll need to stay comfortable for the period, such as bedding, toys, food, water, and litter pans.

Cats and dogs

When it comes to cats, it’s always a good idea to keep them in the new house for a week or so after the move to help them acclimate. A house transfer is more stressful for cats than it is for dogs, and they will require some time to adjust.

Ensure that the pets are given the space they need to get used to a new home, and be cautious about what kind of pet you own and how you let it explore the house (if an animal is anxious, particularly cats, they will try and find somewhere to hide. It can be a real hassle trying to get a cat from under a sofa or off a tall wardrobe).

Maintaining the same meal times can assist them in settling down as it increases familiarity and makes the pets feel more comfortable with their surroundings. Most animals think with their stomachs, so focusing on food is a good way to be sure that your animals adjust.

Dogs have their own set of problems when moving that you need to keep in mind. 

Maintain your normal routine while you pack. Your dog is accustomed to a certain routine and dogs enjoy knowing that they are going to be fed and given walks at set times . If you work away from home your dog will feel more stable if they know when you are going out and for how long. This provides your dog with a sense of safety and control in their house. To keep your dog’s stress levels down, try to retain as much normalcy as possible.

Allow your dog to explore the new area at their own pace once the house is secure. It can be encouraging to accompany them on this journey; some dogs are less confident than others and will benefit from your presence. If you can’t secure the house, keep your dog on a leash — a house line can provide your dog freedom while giving you peace of mind.

Moving with other pets

Other pets can make a move more complex. If you have small animals like hamsters and mice they may be easier to transport if they have a cage, but this process can be very stressful for them. 

If your critters are kept in a cage that is large enough that you will need people to help you move it, then you will need to discuss with the removal company how best to do this. As with most things in a move, communication with the company is the most important part.

Working with a removal company

Most removal companies are very understanding of the difficulties that can come with moving with pets, and it’s important to give the company as much information as possible about your pet situation.

If you’re transferring exotic creatures, such as tropical fish, reptiles, or amphibians, talk to your removal firm about it – Your removal company don’t want to be surprised by your extended family of snakes!

To pack your pet’s things, the moving company may require particular equipment, materials, or abilities; most businesses are used to such requirements, so don’t be hesitant to ask if they have any advice.

At Now We’re Moving we have extensive experience in a variety of different situations helping people move. Get in contact with us if you have any questions and are thinking about moving. 

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