10 Tips for Moving Large and Heavy Furniture

Are you looking to move large furniture in your house? Or perhaps moving heavy furniture into a new house? At Now We’re Moving, we understand the complexities surrounding the safe moving of heavy furniture. That’s why we’ve made a top-10 infographic to help you with your next big move.

Perhaps you’ve recently become a follower of Feng shui – the Chinese pseudoscience of achieving harmony with your surroundings by orienting furniture. Or maybe you’ve just purchased a new wardrobe for your bedroom. It looks nice online – but it might be down to you to actually move it into place. 

Whatever the reason – you will more than likely have to move a sizeable piece of furniture from one place to another at some point in your life if you haven’t already.

And this is where things can get quite awkward. Obviously, depending on size and weight, furniture can often be difficult and stressful to manoeuvre around spaces – especially if yours isn’t a simple 4×4 plan.

There are so many risks involved that don’t immediately spring to mind, such as the surface texture you’re on, being unable to see where you’re going, or simply not knowing how to correctly lift a heavy object. This might seem a bit like a health-and-safety compulsory course, but one small move and you can seriously do damage to your back. And that isn’t fun for anyone.

1. Don’t try to move large furniture yourself

The first thing to know is that you want to not only protect your furniture and home, but you want to protect yourself. Don’t try to move large furniture yourself. Instead, start by reaching out to friends and family and seeing if you can get some help. An extra pair of hands or two can make all the difference. 

2. Plot out your trip

Figure out exactly what you will be moving and where. Look for potential dangers like icy outdoor stairs or potholes. It is also important to think about where things will be going when you unload so that you can pack your items in the right order. 

3. Protect doorways and remove moulding if necessary

It is easy to bump against doorways while moving large furniture pieces. Removing the moulding on the doorway will help create and help avoid potential damage to the doorway. Covering furniture in quilted pads will also help protect doorways. 

4. Use furniture sliders for moving heavy furniture and appliances

Furniture sliders for moving heavy furniture and appliances can make moving heavy furniture on carpet much easier. It is perfect for protecting both hardwood and carpet floors from getting scratched or damaged during the moving process. It is often a good idea to leave these on ever after your move is complete. 

5. Use the “L” method to get chairs through doors

Large chairs can often be ‘hooked’ through small doorways by turning the object on its side and backing the long end of the L shape through the doorway and then rotating to bring the other end through. Try this the next time you need to move; it will make your life much easier. 

6. Get personal protective equipment

If you are looking for equipment for moving heavy furniture, one of the best investments you can make is in PPE (personal protective equipment). Protective items like heavy-duty work gloves can keep your fingers and hands from getting cut during the moving process. 

7. Wheels for moving heavy furniture

Dollies are often the best way to move large and heavy items like washing machines or dryers and other awkward sized objects. You can decide to either rent or purchase these tools.

8. Purchasing lifting straps and harnesses

Products like the forearm forklift moving straps not only make it much easier to move furniture, they can also make it much safer. These professional straps are often the secret tool for professional movers everywhere.

9. Carry furniture the right way

To prevent injury, be careful to lift with your legs and not with your back. It’s also important to bend at your knees and not your waist. Both techniques help prevent undue physical stressors that could hurt you or your fellow movers. 

10. Take off the legs of chairs and couches

Taking apart large pieces of furniture can help you get the extra inch or two required to fit through narrow doorways. 

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